Why I Started Sweetums by Dr. Alisa Brady

People always ask how I came up with the idea for Sweetums. It developed from many different career and life experiences. I own several mental health treatment facilities that are aimed at helping women and men overcome trauma and PTSD. One thing that is often affected by trauma is our intimate lives. Sweetums is one way to help increase confidence and communication and playfulness in an easy and convenient way.


I have also had an interest in brain science since a young age and I studied Cognitive Science many years ago in college. I have always been fascinated by the power of smell. Traditional intimate and feminine wipes not only taste horrible, they also come in limited scents.


With Sweetums you have choices. The way you smell has a huge impact on how you feel. We don't wear perfume because we smell bad, we wear it because it evokes a feeling in ourselves and others. The same goes for Sweetums wipes. You may be sitting at your computer working all day, but your intimate parts can be on a vacation with Sweetums wipes.


As a woman, I know how sensitive our private areas can be, and for that reason, I made sure to create Sweetums as a gentle, non-sticky alternative to traditional feminine wipes. Our wipes are pH balanced, with fewer ingredients than most baby wipes.


We hope you love Sweetums as much as we do! 

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