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3. Sweetums is an intimate wipe with flavor. It is a one-of-a-kind wipe that is revolutionizing the market. We all have many different wipes to choose from, but Sweetumsis the only intimate wipe that is crafted with just a hint of flavor. It can be used for a quick freshen up or as a way to elevate foreplay. With six fun flavors to choose from you can smell sweet and taste sweet- every day. Sweetums is a woman owned business and was created by Dr. Alisa Brady, a Clinical Psychologist with years of experience helping couples connect in the bedroom and assisting individuals in feeling comfortable with their sexuality. Sweetums does not have a lot of harsh chemicals. It is P balanced and crafted with your most intimate parts in mind. It's made with food-grade ingredients and is gentle to the skin. Individuals of all genders can enjoy the benefits of Sweetums and feel fresh, and taste good any time. Keep spontaneity alive and make sure to have a Sweetums on-the-go wipe with you at all times.