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There are a lot of wipes on the market today, but none like Sweetums.

Couple embracing, holding a sweetums watermelon flavored wipe.

What People Are Saying


Love the on the go packaging. Easily fits in my favorite handbag. Gave one to my girlfriend the other day, and now she's obsessed too.

Newport Beach, CA

I was worried about it being sticky, but it was actually a really fresh and clean feeling. I surprised my partner with the watermelon, and the look on his face was to die for.

Naples, FL

Amazing product! Sweetums are the only flavors my boyfriend and I use! Way better than flavored lube.

Darien, CT

I swear I finished two back-to-back orgasms in 20 minutes the first time my partner and I tried Sweetums. Which, for me, is a miracle. Enough said.

Scottsdale, AZ

There is something about these wipes that makes my man go crazy. Now, all I have to do is say the word Sweetums and he gets excited.

Wilmington, NC