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Sweetums wipes are the only wipe on the market that have flavor. Not only do they taste amazing, they allow people to smell how they feel, with unique smells that represent their mood. No more having to smell like a baby or a grandma. Sweetums wipes are made with fewer ingredients than most baby wipes. They are super refreshing, never sticky, and leave you feeling fresh and tasting great.

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Surprised the hubs with some “strategic” swipes of Cinnamon Bun - oh boy, was that one heck of an experience. Used it again a week later - he could smell how sweet I was going to taste before we even started - he was even more “enthusiastic” during that session. We eat very low carb, so, being that these are sweetened with stevia, we can have our cake and eat it, too, with zero calories! LOVE THIS PRODUCT - going to order more Cinnamon Bun and will try the Cherry, also. Treat yourself and get these wipes asap! So. Much. Fun!


 The smell of these wipes smells exactly like real peaches. I mean they smell so good they make me want some peaches. It's also nice to smell like peaches after I have been sweating.