Are You Ready for the 30-Day Intimacy Challenge?

What is the 30-day intimacy challenge?

The 30-day intimacy challenge started on TikTok and has grown in popularity. This challenge aims to remind users of the importance of intimacy in a relationship. To complete the challenge, you and your partner must be intimate for 30 days straight.

Does this mean you have to have sex 30 days straight? No. Intimacy comes in many different forms: kissing, holding hands, giving compliments, and massages are just a few ways of showing intimacy.

The rules for this challenge are flexible and you can interpret it as you want. The possibilities are endless! 

Does it work? It can't hurt! And many people have commented that this 30-day challenge has been super impactful in their relationships. Give it a try and comment below and let us know how it went. And want some fresh ways to spice up your intimacy- try throwing some Sweetums wipes in the mix and see where it goes. 

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