Foreplay Do's and Don'ts

Research shows that sexual anticipation activates several parts of the brain, including our motivation and learning center.

When we anticipate sexual pleasure, our brain begins to make connections between the anticipation and the pleasurable experience itself. This process helps us learn and remember the sensations and experiences associated with sexual pleasure, which can contribute to future anticipation and enjoyment.

Foreplay is more than intercourse itself. It's an experience that builds the foundation for a deeper connection, fun and excessive pleasure.

Read on for some fantastic foreplay Do’s and Don’ts. 


#1 Communicate

Chat about your preferences. Being transparent about what you like will deepen your intimacy and improve your pleasure. Use the Sweetums Sexy Relationship Card Deck as a way to facilitate open and honest communication. 

#2 Rubbing & Grinding 
Get ready to feel like a teenager again…Keep your clothes on and press your bodies against each other in a sensual manner. 
#3 Have fun
Foreplay is the perfect time to introduce something fun and new. Start out with the simple addition of Sweetums Wipes. Take turns to swipe them across each other’s erogenous zones and do taste tests off each other’s bodies. 
#1 Only focus on the moments just before sex
Foreplay is anytime you’re not having sex. Use your partner’s favorite scent of Sweetums Wipe on your neck and behind your ears to build sexual anticipation every time they lean in to kiss you throughout the day. 
#2 Expect foreplay to lead to sex
In some instances, foreplay can be enough. Let it be its own,
pleasurable experience.
#3 Focus only on the genitals 
Build anticipation by staying away from each other’s genitals for as long as possible. Explore other areas of each other’s bodies in delicious
and exciting ways.

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