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Article: My Favorite Ways to Use Sweetums Wipes


My Favorite Ways to Use Sweetums Wipes

A question that I often get is, “Can you use Sweetums Wipes for more than just sex?” My answer is absolutely! Sweetums Wipes were created by women for everyone, and this includes if you have a sexual partner or not. There are many ways that you can use these wipes. A majority of the time, I use Sweetums Wipes for myself because they are safe to use daily. I have extremely sensitive skin and I am very careful about what I put on my body. I feel great using Sweetums for many of my bodily needs because they are PH-balanced, do not have harmful chemicals, and smell great. If you are curious about other ways to use Sweetums Wipes, below are my favorite ways that I personally use them.


 Single Wipes Image

#1 Sex

Sex is not the only area of your life where you can use Sweetums, but it sure is fun! My favorite flavor to use in the bedroom is cherry.

#2 After a Workout

Moving your body is a great way to improve mood. I love the feeling of a great workout when I am dripping sweat from head to toe. Using Sweetums makes me feel sexy and confident after endorphin-boosting exercise.

#3 During my period

Let’s get real—periods can be messy. I keep Sweetums Wipes in the same area where I keep my menstrual products. I feel good knowing that I have a natural PH-balanced wipe to support my body while I menstruate. 

#4 Freshen Up

Now that the weather is starting to heat up again, I find myself needing to care for my body in a sun-friendly manner. For me, this includes wearing more sunscreen, shaving more often, and reducing sweat. Since Sweetums Wipes come in individual small pouches, I can keep them in my purse and use them if I notice anything funky “down there” while I am out enjoying the sunshine.

# 5 Conversations

This one is actually one of my favorite ways to use Sweetums Wipes. As a therapist, I understand the deep importance of normalizing sexual health and Sweetums helps me do this. Sweetums Wipes are conversation starters that pave the way to speak more about sexual health and its tie to mental health. I believe that everyone should have positive sexual experiences, and using Sweetums can boost sexual self-esteem.

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