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Article: Self-Esteem: How It Impacts Our Ability To Connect In The Bedroom


Self-Esteem: How It Impacts Our Ability To Connect In The Bedroom

Self esteem ability to connect in the bedroom

Few disagree that struggling with self-esteem issues can have a debilitating effect on our intimacy. When we are self-conscious about an aspect of ourselves, that mental block typically impedes us from feeling emotionally and erotically free to excite our partner in the bedroom and experience our own sensual highs.

It’s essential for women to understand that you are not alone.

In fact, it’s very likely that your intimate partner experiences self-image struggles as well. Psychologists estimate that upwards of 85 percent of the population suffers low self-esteem. Statistically speaking, the data indicates more than 8 of every 10 people are dealing with a similar issue. By understanding the telltale signs of low-self esteem and how it prevents us from reaching our intimacy potential, we can better position ourselves to connect more freely in the bedroom.

Telltale Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Self-esteem generally relates to the way a person thinks about their value. It’s effectively an opinion about yourself that covers items such as confidence, competence, identity, belonging, and to what extent we believe we deserve love and affection. These are indicators you or an intimate partner may be dealing with self-esteem issues.

  • Poor Confidence: If you or a loved one does not trust themselves to accomplish reasonable tasks or ordinary life challenges, that may be a low self-esteem indicator.
  • Loss of Control: We all experience moments when we feel the world is spinning out of control. But when these feelings persist, that may indicate a more significant inner challenge.
  • Unfavorable Comparison: The idea that others are more intelligent, charismatic, capable, or attractive trails back to the image we carry about ourselves. Failing to recognize we all have strengths may be a telltale sign.

Other indicators such as worry, doubt, and fear of failure can negatively affect the way we interact in our daily lives. But what can be increasingly frustrating is how it impacts our love life. Although we may require improved self-awareness and support to deal with low self-esteem challenges, knowing we are not alone, and taking personal empowerment measures to act freely in the bedroom can make a world of difference.

Intimacy Strategies Worth Considering

Raising our self-image and the ability to enjoy intimacy go hand in hand. It may prove worthwhile to consider taking a personal inventory about our positive attributes that include physical qualities as well as sensuality. We can all be erotic beings, and enhancing our emotional and sensuality strengths can only further our love lives. Consider measures such as the following that make you feel more confident and open to intimacy.

  • Relaxation: Things like yoga and meditation can help get us into a more relaxed mindset. That can help make us feel more open to bedroom intimacy.
  • Appearance: From wearing attractive clothing to doing our hair before a lover arrives, these efforts to be at our best can prove invaluable. Do the things that make you feel good. If you feel good on the inside it will radiate on the outside.

The sense of smell can have a major impact on how we feel. Some people who wear perfume, report that it makes them feel more confident or sexy. Some scents may cause you to feel more relaxed, while other scents may put you more in the mood for intimacy.  An increased number of women and men are using intimate wipes that quickly cleanse the private area before intimacy. Sweetums has emerged as a hot-trending intimacy wipe with flavor. The smell from a Sweetums wipe can make you feel more confident, sexy and playful.

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