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Article: Sexual Performance Anxiety


Sexual Performance Anxiety

 sexual performance anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety is experienced by both men and women

According to McCabe (2005), sexual performance anxiety (SPA) is the anxiety or fear about an obsessive “need” to satisfy your partner sexually. Sexual performance anxiety is experienced by both men and women, and it is known to increase sexual dysfunction. Performance anxiety is experienced by up to 25% of men and 16% of women (Pyke, 2020). Normalizing the conversation surrounding performance anxiety is key to a healthy sex life and the ability to overcome it. 

Common causes of sexual performance anxiety

Common causes of sexual performance anxiety can range from personal experiences on a small scale to societal/cultural expectations and advertising on a larger scale. It is no surprise just how much of an impact advertisements and the media have on the way one views their body. Unfortunately, these overt messages follow one into the bedroom where they are made to believe they have to perform a certain way. This not only has physical impacts but also psychological as SPA can increase anxiety and depression. 

Since performance anxiety is experienced in relational settings, communicating with your partner might seem scary. SPA can produce feelings of shame, but when we talk about our shame, it becomes less powerful. Honest communication about sexual anxieties actually leads to a decrease in anxiety. SPA increases negative thought patterns. A way to combat this is to identify the negative belief and challenge it! You may be surprised by the lack of evidence for the thought. Mindfulness is one of the best ways to positively impact sexual pleasure because it decreases anxiety by allowing focus to stay in the present moment; not paying attention to negative thought patterns. Sweetums Wipes are designed to enhance your intimate moments, which can ease sexual performance anxiety by improving mindfulness and confidence.

Sexual performance anxiety is common and treatable.

If you are at all experiencing consistent concerns about the physical and psychological effects of sexual performance anxiety, it is important that you talk to your doctor. Seeking therapy is also a great option because there are many therapeutic techniques for addressing sexual anxiety. Sometimes all that it takes is a safe place where you can confidentially express your fears and explore any underlying reasons for performance anxiety. 


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