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Article: What does pregnancy have to do with sexuality?


What does pregnancy have to do with sexuality?

What does pregnancy have to do with sexual health?

Our sexuality journey does not cease the moment pregnancy begins, but there may be a part of us that feels as if it does. It is important to openly and honestly discuss these topics to promote positive sexual health experiences and validating body transformations that occur during different seasons of life.  

Physical changes and sexuality can be at odds during pregnancy.

I completely understand that while your body is going through so many changes, you might not feel sexy. I mean, it is hard to even think about sex when you are just focusing on keeping your food down or sleeping. It is not uncommon to feel a decrease in self-esteem as your body is growing. Personally, I found solace in getting to know my pregnant body and cultivating gratitude.

Pregnancy can add an extra layer of stress to an already busy lifestyle.

It is important to check in with your body and understand the changes, needs, and emotions you are experiencing. By getting to know your body, you can begin to appreciate all that it does for you. Gratitude for these changes can play a key part in feeling confident and sexy!


person holding Sweetums wipes in bed

Unfortunately, there is still a taboo about having sexual desire during pregnancy. There are a variety of experiences when it comes to sexual desire and pregnancy. The belief that there is a “right” sex drive can lead many women to believe that their sex drive is wrong. Sexual desire can change throughout pregnancy. Factors like hormonal changes and the dynamics of your relationship can influence desire. Women may experience a heightened sex drive and some women may not feel comforted by any sexual touch; both of these experiences are normal and valid. Communicating needs and expectations with your partner can decrease anxiety surrounding sexual activity and offer room for diverse forms of intimacy. 

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