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Article: Your WAP is Nature’s Way of Saying Helloooo I’m Readyyyyyyyy


Your WAP is Nature’s Way of Saying Helloooo I’m Readyyyyyyyy

 Glorious wetness and the silky joy that comes from it, is made by our very own 100% all natural lube factory that is already right there between our legs. Throw away that tube of petroleum based garbage and let your real gush start rushing! An aroused woman is a pleasure dome, our bodies are equipped to bring excitement to ourselves and our partners and it always begins with the biggest erogenous zone in the human (no matter the gender) body— the brain. Once aroused, the brain signals the body to increase circulation and the juices flow, making exploration not only painless, but primed for movement and easy action. It’s really true, wetter is better and as the goddesses Cardi B has sagely suggested—"make it rain for the W-A-P”

As Easy as 1,2,3.. 4PLAY!

So how do you get your little river flowing and increase your sex drive? There’s only one way to find out- EXPLORE. Let finding out what really turns you on be the focus of intimate time. Women (and men! and non binary people!) are blessed with several erogenous zones, and many are either only partially, or even not at all, engaged by penetrative sex. Everyone and every body is like a dense wilderness waiting to be experienced. Stroking, touching, kissing several places on the bod can get the real 100% natural lube happening. Arousal is a complex and mysterious moment when memories, scents, tastes, physical stimulation, sounds, connection and trust converge to open you to new sensorial possibilities. So, it’s clear to get your natural wetness happening, foreplay is key and that begins with knowing your body, knowing what turns you on and finding fun ways to start the process. And (one more time for the kids in the back) since we affirm that HELLO penetration is not the point, and pleasure is, discovering what really gets you going can actually be the means and the end. Sweetums, an all-natural intimate wipe, awakens and enlivens every place on your body prepping you for every lick, kiss with a hint of flavor to surprise and delight your partner.  Working with your natural PH balance, Sweetums provides a refreshing enhancement to what nature intended. This cute little treat can be stashed in your purse, your bedside table, your glove compartment, your pocket, ready to give you that little tasty enhancement right when it counts.  Sweetums helps foreplay to lasts longer, be more enjoyable, and bring both partners to the fullest experience of pleasure possible. 


You want to feel good and share it. Owning your sexuality and getting the pleasure you deserve will make way for adventurous play. Be empowered to express your true self and ask for it! Voicing your desires can be a fun and sexy way to get closer to someone. Forget the shame and embarrassment that used to shape the conversation surrounding pleasure and embrace your innate, natural ability to give and receive orgasms. Authentic intimacy between partners happens when we put pleasure at the center and dive into consensual body exploration.  Feeling confident and joyful in the skin you’re in is always the first step to arousal. Make it wet with every wipe of Sweetums for that delicious taste below the waste.


No matter where you are in your journey to owning and celebrating the wetness within, here are some fun tips to try to help ease your way into getting your WAP primed for what she was made to do—HAVE FUN.

1. Play a game.

Blindfold your partner or ask them to close their eyes. Use a Sweetums wipe and make your partner guess what flavor it is. Try it on different parts of your body and have them guess what body part they are tasting!

2. Give a gift

Give your bae a box of Sweetums to try on you or you on them. Just opening the package will start a sexy banter that can go in many directions. What do they like? What do you like? Where should you try first? Where do they want to begin?

3. Use the element of surprise

Whether you are in a long term relationship or just getting to know someone, a refreshing Sweetums wipe can add that little extra element of surprise to get your partner talking about what your body has to offer. Never sticky, always fresh and clean, Sweetums flavored wipes add a juicy twist to your already sumptuous parts. It’ll keep your honey guessing and definitely wanting more!


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