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Looking for a spark in the bedroom?

As a Clinical Psychologist, I’m constantly reminded of the challenges couples face in bringing a spark to their sexual relationships. But what are these challenges?

Let’s take a look–and explore a solution you might not have tried.

Dr. Alisa Brady, Founder and CEO

Why is your spark missing?

Bedroom challenges typically boil down to two main issues: Confidence and Communication, both of which are often lacking. 


Will my partner find me inviting? How can I increase my appeal–and my partner’s?


Am I clear on my partner’s desires? Can I make my own desires for greater intimacy clear?

Could I help solve this issue?

I had an idea: What if I created a product that encourages and invites intimacy? Maybe flavored wipes in tantalizing flavors? Thousands of satisfied customers later, the answer is a resounding “YESSS!”

Meet Sweetums, the first flavored intimate wipes

Sweetums are both a feminine wipe and an intimate wipe. pH-balanced and made in the USA from natural ingredients, our wipes can be used anywhere on your body–even your most sensitive and intimate areas. 

Sweetums wipes are infused with inviting flavors and scents, from Cherry to Honey Lavender, and are never sticky or tacky. With Sweetums, you’ll be Confident that you smell and taste your best, and Communicate to your partner that you’re rrrready for new and intimate experiences.   

Gynecologist and dermatologist tested

We've worked with medical professionals to ensure our products are safe for use anywhere on your body

Individually wrapped to stay resh

Whether you're at home, or bringing Sweetums to the gym or on the road, their individual wrapping ensures freshness

Natural, pH-balanced

Our all-natural ingredients are carefully formatted to be pH balanced for comfort and freshness

Sustainably made from natural ingredients

Red grape seed oil is a potent bioflavonoid that serves to neutralize inflammatory responses

and soothe fatigued skin.

Did you know?

There’s extensive research demonstrating the powerful effect that smell has on the brain and emotion? In fact, many aphrodisiacs rely on scent and taste to create connection.

Sweetums are great for...

The Bedroom

Invite your partner to try a new taste experience

On the Go

Feel fresh when you’re traveling or too busy for your morning routine

A Night Out

Be ready for wherever the night takes you

A New Gifting Twist

Give a gift that they'll appreciate (and shows you're ready for some fun)

Ready to rev up your sex life?


The more you buy, the more you save–up 30% off when you buy 4 or more 10-wipe boxes. You'll also receive free gifts: Get the Sexy Relationship Card Deck when you buy 2 or more, plus Peach Scented wipes when you purchase 3 or more boxes.

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Grape Flavored Wipes
Piña Colada Flavored Wipes

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 STEP 3: Add your items to your bag

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