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Why millions of women face intimacy
issues - And A Surprising Solution.

Written by Emily A.

3 Jun 2023

Ryleigh put herself out there and had her confidence knocked by one bad experience.

She was young, newly single and looking for a good time when she quite literally bumped into a cute guy in a club. Except for the spilled drink down the front of her dress, their meeting couldn’t have been more perfect. The chemistry was undeniable and at the end of the night Ryleigh found herself suggesting they go back to her place. 

Her friends knew that since she was fresh out of a relationship, Ryleigh was still a bit vulnerable. Taking the lead like that was slightly out of her comfort zone, but they could not deny the mutual attraction between the pair and they were rooting for her all the way. 

So? How Did It Go?

The next morning, Ryleigh’s phone was going crazy. Her friends were desperate for the lowdown and she dutifully sent off replies telling them how ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’ the night had been. 

All the while, she had tears streaming down her face because she couldn’t bring herself to tell them the truth, which was that the night had been nothing short of a disaster.

“As soon as we got back to mine things went from hot to not in a few minutes flat.” 

The emotion is still raw in Ryleigh’s voice as she tells us the story today, “He was pushing to perform oral sex on me, but I was a little worried about how sweaty I was from dancing all night in the club. He was so persistent though and honestly I found it a turn on because my ex never used to initiate it, so I decided to go with it.”

Ryleigh describes how she knew in an instant something was wrong. 

“He was so turned on one minute, and then as soon as he got down there everything changed. His body language, everything.”

“I tried to keep things going, but the look on his face when he pulled away was the most humiliating thing I have ever had to endure.”

She’d never felt insecure about her body before but in that moment, everything changed. 

“When he got up to leave, I didn’t want to ask him but I knew I had to. I had to know what exactly the turn off was that had left him so dissatisfied with our intimacy. Even though the actual one night stand hadn’t turned out how I’d hoped, I knew I could use it as a learning experience.”


When Ryleigh heard him say that her odor down there was that bad, she cringed. 

“I’m someone who takes personal hygiene very seriously and I didn’t want to find myself in that situation ever again.”

At first she thought about shutting down emotionally, if she never had sex again, she’d never have to worry about being humiliated again, but common sense soon prevailed and she started her quest to find a solution.

Ryleigh Does Her Research 

“I know I could have taken a shower after the club, but firstly, this wasn’t just about body sweat, it was about vaginal discharge and odor. Secondly, a shower in the heat of the moment can be a passion killer. I needed a product that I could use on the go, in the moment.”

Ryleigh’s research led her to multiple different products in the feminine hygiene space and she considered them all. 

“I went through the products I’d found and one by one disregarded them based on my needs. Yes, I wanted to improve my confidence in the bedroom, but not at the expense of my body’s health.”

Not approved or tested by a gynecologist? Ryleigh crossed the product off her list. Not pH balanced? The product was out. Contained dyes or alcohol? Bye! That was gone too. Soon she was left with no options and it looked like she’d be doomed to a life of low confidence and no intimacy. 

Ryleigh Reaches Out To A Friend

Finally, out of desperation, she confided in a friend. 

“Gail had been there at the club that night. She had seen the chemistry first hand, so I thought she’d be shocked to hear how quickly things had changed once we got back to mine.”

Instead, It Was Ryleigh Who Was In For A Shock

When Gail heard what had happened, she calmly and quietly reached into her bag and handed Ryleigh a Sweetums Wipes.

“It was an individually packaged intimate feminine hygiene wipe. Small, discreet and I’m not even kidding here, it smelt amazing!”

She explained how she keeps a couple on her all the time. She uses them to freshen up after working out, or when she’s on the go, and of course, before intimacy to give her the extra confidence boost she needs. The best part is the surprising taste factor, they come in a range of incredible flavors which adds an element of fun and spark to your intimacy. By the time she was done telling me about Sweetums Wipes, she seemed almost apologetic for not sharing this product with me sooner. She said, 

“Trust me, try this and you will never look back.” 

While Ryleigh did trust her friend, she was obviously going to do her own research as well. And when she did, she discovered a product which not only ticked all the items on her list, it exceeded her expectations. 

Here’s Why Sweetums Wipes
Exceeded Ryleigh’s Expectations.

Ryleigh knew she’d found the product for her,  “Ok so here’s everything you need to know. They were called Sweetums Wipes and they are 100% crafted with my body’s chemistry in mind. Gynecologist AND dermatologist test and approved plus they contained no added dyes. They are also free of parabens, propylene glycol and alcohol which means they are safe for daily use. And did I mention that they smell AND taste amazing? Yes, that’s right. They’re the only wipe on the market with flavor!”

Gynecologist tested and approved
pH balanced
Clean- free of parabens, propylene glycol and alcohol
Contain no added dyes
No sticky residue
Dermatologist tested and approved
Sustainably created in the USA
Water-based and super gentle

The Sweetums Wipes Reviews Spoke 

For Themselves

What’s more, she didn’t have to only rely on Gail’s word when there were plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers who were raving about it online.

R. R.


“The smell of these wipes smells exactly like real peaches. I mean they smell so good they make me want some peaches. It's also nice to smell like peaches after I have been sweating.”

C. M.


“I am delighted with this new find! These are safe, fun, and not sticky and all. The flavors are fantastic and taste great. I have lots of fun gift ideas for these.

S. W.


“Love that it tastes natural, not a chemical aftertaste , not icky sweet, just like food.Taste below the waist, but fun all over. Hubby and I both love it, better than we expected. Great purchase!

Ryleigh Took The Plunge, Here’s What Happened Next…

Armed with a pack of her own Sweetums Wipes, Ryleigh was ready for her next night out. And instead of shying away from the dance floor, she was the first one out there. She wasn’t afraid of sweating or odor down there because she knew she had her secret weapon with her in the form of a tasty intimate wipe with flavor. 

“I honestly was not looking to meet someone that night.” Ryleigh explained, “Gail and the rest of us were out to celebrate a friend’s promotion and I was just there for a good time. However, knowing I had the Sweetums Wipes with me was like a little added confidence boost in my back pocket.”

That confidence boost must have done the trick because before she knew it, the hot bartender was definitely giving off vibes whenever it was her turn to pick up a round of drinks. 

“The girls were encouraging me to make a move, and I’m not sure if it was the mojito’s I was drinking, or the mojito flavored wipes I was keen to try out, but I wrote my number on a serviette and passed it across the bar with a smile and a Sweetums Wipe. You should have seen the look on his face as he tried to figure out what exactly the wipe was! But once he did, he was quick to act.”

And? Was The Rest of The Night A Success?

This is where Ryleigh gets coy, but the size of her smile says it all.

She ends the interview with, “Let’s just say, I saw him again twice that week, and he’s coming over again this weekend.” 

The only wipes with flavor, they’re perfect for a daily refresh or for spicing up your intimacy.

What’s more, they’re great for:

Gym freshness

Fun, flirty gifts

Bachelorette parties

Feeling fresh on the go


A girl’s night out

Increasing intimacy and connection


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