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Article: Sexual Health Is Mental Health

mental health

Sexual Health Is Mental Health

sexual health is mental health

Many don't realize that sexual health and mental health are intimately connected. Impairment in our mental health impacts our sexual wellbeing and vice versa.

For example, individuals who suffer from depression often experience low sex drive. Or the medications they take for treatment of depression can affect their libido or their ability to orgasm. Individuals with anxiety may find it hard to relax when it comes time for intimacy or may be so in their head about other issues and stresses, that they cannot be in the moment during sex. Individuals who have experienced trauma- especially sexual trauma- are likely to find that these traumatic experiences impact their sexual wellness. Individuals who have been sexually traumatized may avoid sexual intimacy altogether. Or they may find themselves overly involved in sexual activities or they can become compulsive in their sexual behaviors. 

Conversely, our sexual wellness also affects our mental health and wellbeing.

Sexuality is part of being a human. If someone does not feel pleased with their sex life it will likely affect their overall sense of wellbeing and happiness. If an individual has been raised to believe that sex is taboo and has been taught to avoid it or to feel shameful about being a sexual human being, it can also affect their mental health. From a biological perspective sex is good for us, as well. The oxytocin that is released during sex and intimacy increases feelings of satisfaction and bonding. Sex can also be good for your immune system, it cn lower blood pressure, and can improve sleep.

Keeping intimacy exciting and fun can be a challenge when individuals have been together for a long time. And mental health issues such as anxiety or trauma symptoms can impair a person's ability to feel comfortable during sex. This is where items like Sweetums Wipes can help couples increase spontaneity, bring relaxation and play into the bedroom and keep things fun and exciting.


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