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Article: What the homunculus can tell us about our senses and pleasure

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What the homunculus can tell us about our senses and pleasure


Do you know what a homunculus is?

A homunculus is one of those things I learned about in graduate school while getting my doctorate and it has always fascinated me.

A homunculus is an image of a person in which the size of the body parts are distorted to represent how much area of the brain is devoted to each body part.

So, if you were to create a human being based on how much of the brain is used to control senses and motor functions. In other words, if you look at how much of the brain is devoted to sensation in each part of the human body, you would see that a LOT of brain space is devoted to the hands, finders, mouth and tongue. And not very much space in the brain is devoted to the sensations we feel on our legs and arms. This is because the brain devotes a lot of space and attention to the sensations in your hands and mouth and tongue.

A Lot Of Our Brain Power Goes Towards Experiencing Sensations in Our Hands, Tongue, Mouth and Genitals. So, don't neglect those parts of your body. Explore new sensations with Sweetums wipes. And listen to your brain. Notice what feels good (or what doesn't). Sweetums wipes is just one way you can explore new sensations and bring some play into the bedroom!

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